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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
3:45 pm
Open to anyone if they wish ^^
How long had she been asleep for? That was the first question that arose from Shiva's mind as she sat up, the cold snow brushing against her delicate skin. She almost felt immune to this 'snow' now and the 'sun' was definitely starting to stream brighter than it once had.

She could sense she was not the only one out here, although she had no clue as to the whereabouts of this other person. She stretched her limbs out, shivering slightly and wishing she had her own form back. Still, this was an oppurtunity she couldn't afford to miss and so she began to trudge her way across the ever-thickening snow.

But she still didn't have a destination. A big part of her did not want to go back to her human owner - she vaguely remembered the names of Quistis and Squall, but did not feel comforted by the thought of them. Her memory was very blank as far as others were concerned; she could barely remember the names of the other Guardian Forces.

She yawned loudly as she plodded on through the swirling flakes. She suddenly picked up on a buzz - a rush of bustling activity near her. Lots of people and buildings...thats what she could sense. A town or perhaps a city...whatever it was, Shiva knew she would be able to find aid there. Her feet were blistered with cold and her skin was stiff and icy. Her damp golden locks clung stickily to her back and she longed to sleep comfortably. Although she had no idea as to where she was, Shiva kept a steady pace in the direction of the cluttered energy, feeling a flutter of hope in her cold heart...
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
5:03 pm
Softly, I padded through the snow, careful not to make too much noise. I had spotted this strange creature with wings and wondered if it was a GF. Suddenly, as if it could hear my very thoughts, it took flight, the sun dazzling through its wings and creating shadowy illusions. How beautiful I thought to myself. This was my second day in the outside and I was loving every minute of it. No more feeling trapped inside another humans body but free; free to make my own decisions, choose my own path. I did not feel the cold as I first did, instead, it became my energy and I found myself being able to dance in it. My travels across this land have been fruitful thus far; I have secured a damp, brown piece of cloth that I have wrapped around my naked body, copying the humans I once knew. I believe that to stay in the form that I am currently in, I must blend in with these creatures and I do so wish to stay this way, at least for now! The cloth is itchy and smells a littl, but faring better now that the golden orb in the sky shines, the sun. However, I have not seen any signs of human civillisation yet and I begin to wonder....Am I all alone?
Monday, August 30th, 2004
9:18 pm
What is going on. I have...beautiful white legs. And beautiful white arms. I touch my face in awe and I'm surprised to feel warmth, eminating from my cheeks. The cold ice has always pierced my body, yet now I feel something different. A small glowing fire, lit inside of me...is this what it is like to be human? If this is it, I do not wish to feel this way at all. This warmth frightens me and yet excites me at the same time. I feel a heart, pulsating beneath my...flesh I believe and I look around in wander. These white fluffy things, Snowflakes, fall all around me and I feel their impact on my skin like needles. Cold, is my natural habitat, so why does it bother me so? I do not care how I became this way, or how I have ended up here. I see this as an opportunity to experience a different life, one that I will gladly accept.
I begin to walk, my feet crunching through the snow and I begin to shiver slightly. This is a new sensation for me and from what I remember from other humans, it is not usually a good thing. I quicken my pace, although I am a little unsteady and over the horizon I see green grass and a glowing sun, shining across the snow.
Am I the only one to become...human? I ponder this thought whilst sitting on the snow. I have adapted to the coldness now so I feel no pain, or suffering, as the other humans sometimes do. In fact, I feel slightly numb...if that is the word...and I wonder if this is a good or a bad thing....

Current Mood: curious
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